Fake Eyelashes Common Mistakes

At the same time we love beauty, we must pay attention to the appearance of the United States to our health damage, in order to reduce the harm caused by beauty, we are in the false eyelashes is the need to increase attention to prevent the occurrence of pain. First of all, we must recognize the most common mistakes we make when using false eyelashes:







1, distress     ed purse blood loss, buy very cheap false eyelashes;






2, some people directly to the glue on the eyelids, but also some people in order to make lashes more dense, a sticky is two or three, sticking for a long time, a long time by the glue to stimulate, when coupled with the removal of the pull, easy Allergic contact dermatitis, red eyes and swollen.








3, the use of oily skin care products or face wash within 24 hours (only water does not work!). On the other hand, when you want to remove the false eyelashes, you can easily remove the eyelashes by applying a cleansing oil or olive oil.








4, wait until the glue dry stick. Most glue out of the beginning is white, but after doing it becomes transparent, so do not worry there will be white residue.






5, worried about the glue so squeezed out immediately dip. We recommend that the roots of eyelashes stained with glue after standing for 5 seconds, waiting for the glue half-dry stained eyelashes roots. Time just glue completely dry, firmly attached to the roots of eyelashes. If the glue is very wet when placed on the roots of lashes, no effect of the glue can not play the role of reinforcement, tweezers loose a false eyelashes will fall.







6, the use of false eyelashes before the eye is not completely clean, if the eye oil will affect the durability of the glue.

A 3D Mink Eyelash That Can Be Added Points.

Curly curling eyelashes like a small fan, with elegant makeup, sweet smile, so you can also appoint a big eye when his discharge, as Barbie, quickly capture his heart! Come and learn the next coup, be a Barbie girl now!








Step 1 Light makeup

Winter indoor heating or air conditioning are very full, so indoor dating may actually be relatively hot, so the clear looking finish, sweat prevention when you can prevent the halo makeup, and makeup time will be very convenient.

Step 2 3d mink eyelashes can not be forgotten

Let the eyes do not have to use eyeliner! On the contrary, dating too thick eyelids will be counterproductive, giving him the impression of a strong make-up, so a large eyelashes 3d mink eyelashes indispensable, according to their eye shadow pruning, paste, make eye makeup effect perfect.








Step 3 Depicts fine eyeliner

Choose black eyeliner, close to the eyelashes root outlined eyeliner, eye tail upward slightly upward Alice.

Step 4 Than the amount of 3d mink eyelashes

Because each person’s eyes are not the same length, so before starting to use a 3d mink eyelashes, be sure to trim according to their own eye length, first removed, the first and their own eyes were compared to confirm the length.








Step 5 Cut 3d mink eyelashes

Remember the length of the 3d mink eyelashes, with a small pair of scissors to remove the excess head and eye tail part.

Step 6 Bend 3d mink eyelashes

Apply transparent lashes on the transparent stems of the eyelashes and apply a little more to the ends of the eyes to prevent them from curling up. Pinch both ends of the head and curl the eyelashes for a few seconds to make it softer and better worn to better fit your eye radiance.








Step 7 Wearing 3d mink eyelashes

Eyelash glue and other viscous slightly after a bit, wearing 3d mink eyelashes. After brush light mascara brush.

Step 8 Swipe blush

Gently smile, make the apple muscle prominent, and gently apply pink blush on it.








Step 9 Apply lip gloss

Choose naked pink, apply to the lips, create glossy three-dimensional toot lips.

Step 10 Final make-up

With large loose powder brush, choose transparent loose powder, face makeup, make makeup can be maintained longer

How To Make Eyelashes Upturned

The reason why the eyelashes are not upturned may be that the eyelashes themselves are in a moist state, such as residual make-up water or essence, which will make the eyelashes not easily clipped and not easily coated with mascara, so the eyelashes should be kept dry . Eyelash curlers may also be contaminated with mascara, or rubber pad has been lack of flexibility, will make eyelashes sagging, can not curl up, or even a crisis of eyelash rupture, so regular cleaning eyelash curler and replace the rubber pad.

1.Eyelash curler take the correct method

Some people use the eyelash curler will use the thumb and index finger, but in fact, not only can not exert force, can not clip Alice eyelashes. The correct method of use should be fixed with the thumb and middle finger, the point of force will be correct, to curl up the curling eyelashes.

2.Heating eyelash curler

Use the hair dryer to heat for 10 seconds, make eyelash curler hot, remember to gently touch the heated eyelash curler, avoid too hot. If the effect is not good, you can heat 5-10 seconds.

3.3 stage eyelashes

The focus of the eyelashes is to clip the curler upwards in three stages. First, the root of the eyelashes (30 ° angle), then the middle of the eyelashes (45 °) and finally the eyelashes (90 °). Each move to the next action to an advanced release and then completely clamped, and stay for 5 seconds. In order to clip Alice eyelashes. (Feel not enough Alice repeat the above action).

4.Correct brush mascara

Brush mascara brush from the roots of eyelashes, if the use of slender mascara on the radio to the way out of the brush, the use of thick mascara on the Z-shaped way left and right brush; brush eyelashes never more than 5 times, 2-3 times the general proposal will not let eyelashes brush to get rid of half, there caking, flies corner of the situation. In addition, the mascara according to different types of situations to use the order is not the same, you can first use the white mascara, it can protect the eyelashes, make the eyelashes longer, wait a little longer and then slender mascara brush, brush the last thick Mascara (be careful not to brush the dense type to avoid eyelashes caking).

5.Clamp an eyelash again

Short and collapsed eyelashes, how can not clip curling effect can be used when the eyelashes. But remember to use the eyelash curler pre-clamp before use, and then use mascara brush on the next layer and then hot. Eyelash curler is not limited by the eye type, Ye Hao angle control, wearing chisel root clear effect is better than eyelash curler. Take care to avoid overheating.









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