A Few Questions About Whether The New Coronavirus Will Affect The Eyelash Business?

A Few Questions About Whether The New Coronavirus Will Affect The Eyelash Business?

Since the World Health Organization announced on March 11 that the new coronavirus can be characterized as a “pandemic”, the outbreak of the new coronavirus is spreading globally. Obviously this has become a global disaster. In this case, many customers will worry whether this will affect the normal operation of the eyelash business.I will answer the questions that many customers are worried about recently.

1. Do Products Purchased From China Carry Viruses?     

Bruce Elward, a Chinese novelty Chinese coronavirus pneumonia expert who is in charge of a WHO inspection of China, recently praised China’s epidemic prevention measures against new coronary pneumonia in an interview with US media. In an interview published by the New York Times on the 5th, Elwald, who recently visited China for two weeks, said that the outbreak in China has stabilized and is falling faster than expected. Under the good control of the epidemic, Chinese enterprises have basically resumed normal operations, and delivery times, product quality and safety have been guaranteed.And The Outbreak is only infected by Human to Human through Air with closedcontact, not by goods to goods. So you can safely buy eyelashes from eyelash suppliers, viruses do not spread through cargo

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2. Can it be transported now?

Irard Lashes generally use UPS DHL and FedEx to work together.At present, UPS DHL and FedEx official did not issue any instructions on stopping the transportation service. According to the official documents, in the face of the epidemic, only some services were adjusted accordingly. There is no impact on the overall transportation. And the goods are delivered home, if you are isolated at home, there is no impact on receiving express delivery, you will receive the goods as usual. So don’t worry 

Since the virus outbreak so far, we are transporting a lot of goods every day, our customers receive their products on schedule

   3.Does The U.S. Federal Government Reject Delivery From China? 

As of now, the U.S. government has not released any news claiming to reject express delivery from China, U.S. Customs will only regularly inspect one shipment and will return any shipment you leave behind. If your purchase is spot checked, you only need to go to customs. And our products are not dangerous, so do n’t worry. We receive good feedback from customers every day about receiving their goods,  Below is a screenshot of feedback sent to me by some of my customers

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