Beautiful Custom Acrylic Eyelash Packaging Box

Beautiful Custom Acrylic Eyelash Packaging Box

Super high quality acrylic transparent square box, can protect eyelashes from damage, durable. And compared to other paper boxes, this acrylic box allows you to see the eyelashes clearly through the transparent lid without opening the box. And this box can be reused even if you take your eyelashes out the box can also be used as a container for other things.

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Now we can print your personal logo and brand name on the custom eyelash packaging acrylic case. Therefore, you can more easily start your own eyelash business.

《 why-more-and-more-customers-choose-the-acrylic-packaging-boxes/》custom eyelash packaging usa

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eyelash packaging box

There are many colors on the bottom glitter paper card of the wholesale custom eyelash packaging box, you can choose any color you like for the order to give the customer more choices.《A Few Steps To Customize The Eyelash Packaging Box》wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

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If you want to make your box a little more distinctive than just printing your brand name and logo, you can also choose to print your beautiful selfie on the eyelash packaging box so that other people who buy your product will have a deeper impression on you.《Do You Want To Customize Lilly’s Eyelash Packaging?》eyelash box vendors

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