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How To Make Eyelashes Upturned

The reason why the eyelashes are not upturned may be that the eyelashes themselves are in a moist state, such as residual make-up water or essence, which will make the eyelashes not easily clipped and not easily coated with mascara, so the eyelashes should be kept dry . Eyelash curlers may also be contaminated with mascara, or rubber pad has been lack of flexibility, will make eyelashes sagging, can not curl up, or even a crisis of eyelash rupture, so regular cleaning eyelash curler and replace the rubber pad.

1.Eyelash curler take the correct method

Some people use the eyelash curler will use the thumb and index finger, but in fact, not only can not exert force, can not clip Alice eyelashes. The correct method of use should be fixed with the thumb and middle finger, the point of force will be correct, to curl up the curling eyelashes.

2.Heating eyelash curler

Use the hair dryer to heat for 10 seconds, make eyelash curler hot, remember to gently touch the heated eyelash curler, avoid too hot. If the effect is not good, you can heat 5-10 seconds.

3.3 stage eyelashes

The focus of the eyelashes is to clip the curler upwards in three stages. First, the root of the eyelashes (30 ° angle), then the middle of the eyelashes (45 °) and finally the eyelashes (90 °). Each move to the next action to an advanced release and then completely clamped, and stay for 5 seconds. In order to clip Alice eyelashes. (Feel not enough Alice repeat the above action).

4.Correct brush mascara

Brush mascara brush from the roots of eyelashes, if the use of slender mascara on the radio to the way out of the brush, the use of thick mascara on the Z-shaped way left and right brush; brush eyelashes never more than 5 times, 2-3 times the general proposal will not let eyelashes brush to get rid of half, there caking, flies corner of the situation. In addition, the mascara according to different types of situations to use the order is not the same, you can first use the white mascara, it can protect the eyelashes, make the eyelashes longer, wait a little longer and then slender mascara brush, brush the last thick Mascara (be careful not to brush the dense type to avoid eyelashes caking).

5.Clamp an eyelash again

Short and collapsed eyelashes, how can not clip curling effect can be used when the eyelashes. But remember to use the eyelash curler pre-clamp before use, and then use mascara brush on the next layer and then hot. Eyelash curler is not limited by the eye type, Ye Hao angle control, wearing chisel root clear effect is better than eyelash curler. Take care to avoid overheating.





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