How To Properly Care For Your Eyelashes?

How To Properly Care For Your Eyelashes?

3D mink lashes are popular with customers for their comfort and durability, as well as their high quality. With proper care, Irard Lahes mink eyelashes can be reused 25-30 times. So how to maintain mink eyelashes to extend its lifespan?

Here’s how to properly remove eyelashes

The simplest and most practical way to remove 3D mink lashes we know is to use a cotton swab to remove the makeup remover. In this way, you can control the use of eye and lips makeup remover to accurately remove Siberian mink lashes, and secondly, you can avoid rude tears that cause damage to eyelids and false eyelashes.

eyelash vendors

eyelash vendors

1. Shake the special make-up remover for eyes and lips first, so that the oil and water can be used for makeup removal.

2. Dip a makeup remover with a cotton swab, and gently rub and rotate at the joint of the false eyelashes to loosen the false eyelash stems.

3. Use clean hands to gently turn on the eyelids, and continue to push from the bottom to the top of the false eyelashes with a cotton swab.

4. After the false eyelashes are loose, start to gently tear off the false eyelashes from the eyes.

5. Use a cotton swab moistened with eye and lip makeup remover to wipe back and forth on your lashes to remove the remaining glue.

mink lash vendors

mink lash vendors

Removed mink lashes will still have mascara residue, and the stalks of the false eyelashes will also have felt glue on it. If these residues are not cleaned up, it is easy to breed bacterial contamination and make the false eyelashes hard and thick. It is easy to infect the eyes when it is used next time, and it is difficult to stick the eyes, which is not conducive to creating a natural makeup effect.25mm lashes

25mm lashes

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