Quickly Ask Questions For Eyelash Packaging Solutions

Quickly Ask Questions For Eyelash Packaging Solutions

Quickly Ask Questions For Eyelash Packaging Solutions

Q1:What are the best-selling lash styles right now?

R:We have a lot of best-selling lashes. They are light and soft. They are not uncomfortable to wear. Many customers order in large quantities every day.More lashes click here

What Kind Of Wholesale Mink Lashes Is Your Best Choice

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22mm lashes

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Q2:What is  cheapest eyelash package with private label?

R:This is our cheapest box,each pcs only 1 dollar. Although it is cheap,it is very beautiful and very popular. And we have many kinds of bottom cards,You can choose whatever color you want

gold/red/pink glitter/sliver glitter etc.

custom eyelash packaging

Q3: How can I add my logo on the box? 

R:This question is great!!! we have professional design team,They have rich experience in designing logos for many customers,Our designers will meet all your requirements for logos.So if you do n’t have a logo, don’t worry, contact to me and I will help you design a logo that will satisfy you.Only a few are shown below. For more information, please contact me!!!customize your own eyelash box

customize your own eyelash box

customize your own eyelash box

Q4:How long does it take to design a logo?

R:It only takes two hours and you can see how your logo looks.When it ’s fast, it only takes half an hour.Anyway faster than you think!!!!!

Q5:How many custom eyelash packaging style do you have?

R:We have almost about 164 different styles of custom packaging boxes,And if the box style you want is not in the catalog, we can also particular customize it for you.So if you need anything, just contact me!!!!!! More custom packaging styles click here

custom eyelash boxes

Q6: How many is MOQ to customize the eyelash packaging box?

R:We have our own factory.So the Minimum order quantity for custom packaging is very low.This is something you can’t get from other vendors.Incredible!!!!!!

Q7: How long does it take to ship to the US?

R:We will deliver the goods by express. It will take about 3-5 working days.very fast.

Q8:How to place an order ? 

R:Contact Me

WhatsApp:+86 13335090164




Q9:How to done payment?

R:PayPal /West Union/Alibaba/Money gram

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