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Help You Determine The Type Of Eyelashes

Another heavy cake! Flies feet again! How can we control the rooted eyelashes? The answer is: Pick a mascara for you. Then we may wish to understand under his own eyelash character.






1, close your eyes, gently with your fingers against your eyelashes, you feel:

A, finger sting feeling (to Question 2)

B, the finger does not feel anything (to Question 3)

2, now pinch your lashes with your fingers and rub it, touch is

A, obviously, I can feel the texture of eyelashes (to Question 4)

B, I feel nothing (Question 5)

3, try to pull an eyelash, you feel

A, can not stand, it hurts ah (cute curly short eyelashes)

B, even unplugged easily (to Question 5)

4, open your eyes, the eyelashes all dial up

A, ah, is it dawn? (Slim and soft straight eyelashes)

B, in addition to touch the eyelashes, no other feelings (to the third question)

5, careful observation, your eyelashes have more than the pupil diameter

A, yes (to Question 4)

B, No (fine soft short eyelashes)

6, the eyelids top up, you can see the eyelashes root are closely linked together

A, is the case (playful charming Alice eyelashes)

B, no, but also more loose (deep and straight, straight eyelashes)








Slim and soft straight eyelashes

Because slender eyelashes are too soft, so that there is no support for this eyelash at all, “weak” personality led to mascara gently brushed to the lower eyelid brush. T stage soft cat eye makeup, large deep in Europe and the United States in the eyes, depending on the root clear eyelashes; light plume curled eyelashes dotted three-dimensional embellishment.






Delicate soft short eyelashes

Just shallow shallow eyelashes, people feel very spiritless, not to mention the modified eye-shaped, but a slight improvement, thin soft eyelashes this “soft” character can also make you look like the Japanese comics in the refined Oh princess With a feather fiber black mascara, soft eyelashes will be like a black fog gently around the eyes Oh.








Playful charming Alice eyelashes

Thick eyelashes, even if no eyeliner also seems a simple upper eyeliner, “rigid” character want to roll up the moment, with the best length of high heels, simply choose a slender mascara, when applied to avoid “Flies feet”, so instantly your eyelashes like wearing high heels with charm, why not?






Deep straight and straight eyelashes

Straight long eyelashes straight forward, giving the impression that the eyes will look like “upside down”, showing a pair of frown pains. Therefore, this “upright” character, but also the modification of eyelash curler. Delicate exquisite eyelashes lines, the whole body out of the kind of dumping all the people’s temperament, emitting a full Royal sister Fan.








Curly curly short eyelashes

Often it’s hard to see upturned arcs from the front, so there’s always a feeling of being small and not focused. Want to modify short Alice this “gentle” character, create cute lines Lolita eye makeup, how can the lack of a natural long false eyelashes? Natural curly false eyelashes can lift the weight of lighter makeup, such as a good Jewelry can bring amazing results.

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