Why Can Our Mink Lashes Be Reused Many Times?

Why Can Our Mink Lashes Be Reused Many Times?

Irard Lashes is a responsible eyelash supplier. The 25mm mink lashes we produce are very popular with American customers and are very popular in the United States. Besides our excellent product quality, what other advantages do our products attract so many customers for us? We are not only the best supplier of 25mm mink lashes wholesale, we are also the best manufacturer of 3d mink lashes. Our lashes are made from the finest mink fur (which is cruelty free, because it is naturally shed) so our lashes can be reused many times if used properly.custom eyelash packaging usa

3D mink lashes 

Overall, the better the material, the more unfavorable eyelash deformation. The highest number of reuses. On the contrary, the worse the material, the more appropriate deformation, repeated use less. The usage times of eyelash also has very big concern with your maintenance degree.《How To Better Sell Your 3D Mink Eyelashes?》

If our mink eyelashes are properly maintained, there is no problem to reuse them more than 30 times.wholesale mink lashes

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Our company’s eyelashes are all Siberian mink eyelashes, the choice of high-quality mink eyelashes, each pair of eyelashes are handmade workers, the quality is very reliable. eyelash vendors wholesale

25mm mink lashes

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