Why People Choose Irard Lashes As Their Eyelash Vendors?

Why People Choose Irard Lashes As Their Eyelash Vendors?

1.Super High Quality Eyelashes

Irard Lashes are professional great quality of Mink lashes and Custom packaging boxes manufacturer, we have our own factory, we can ability to strictly control the production and manufacturing process of eyelashes, ensuring the use of the highest quality production materials, guaranteed to supply the highest quality and comfortable eyelashes. Our eyelashes are comfortable and soft to wear, if use properly can be reused 20-25 times!!!

Mink Lashes

eyelash vendors

2.Unique design style of custom packaging box

We are not only a professional supplier of eyelashes We are also a supplier of custom eyelash packagingWe have a professional design team that can design the logos and patterns you want FOR FREE  according to your requirements, meet the diverse needs of customers and create your own eyelash brand. If you have ideas and ideas for your design, and want to know more about custom box style, come to contact us!!!

Custom Eyelash Cases

custom eyelash packaging

Custom Eyelash Cases

custom eyelash packaging usa

eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging

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3. Super Many Customer Bases And Rich Experience In Eyelash Supply

We have been producing mink eyelashes for decades, we have rich experience and high production efficiency, we have our own factory. Our company has now won the support and recognition of thousands of retailers both at home and abroad. We have achieved great success in the field of mink eyelashes, we have helped many retailers successfully start their eyelash business, we believe that with our help you can also successfully start your eyelash business.

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4.Super Fast Shipping And Enough Inventory

We are a professional manufacturer of lash vendors. We have more than 500 experienced workers to ensure our production efficiency and we have sufficient inventory. And we use international rapid transport, 300 pairs of eyelashes can be shipped within the same day, 3-5 working days you can receive your package.

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