Eyelash Sample Packs

Eyelash Sample Packs

Only $73  Mix 16mm Mink Lashes Sample Pack 1

Including 12 Pairs of 16mm DC lashes and Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DC07 /DC09 /DC13 /DC102  Each 3 Pairs

Only $74.5 Mix 20mm Mink lashes Sample Pack 2

Including 9 Pairs of 20mm DM lashes and Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DM04 /DM06 /DM18   Each 3 Pairs

Only $85 Mix 22mm Mink lashes Sample Pack 3

Including 12 Pairs of 22mm DN lashes and Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DN02 /DN03 /DN14  Each 4 Pairs

Only $91 Mix 25mm Mink lashes Sample Pack 4

Including 12 Pairs of 25mm DL lashes and Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DL03 /DL08 /DL13  Each 4 Pairs

Only $83  Mix 16mm & 22mm & 25mm Sample Pack 5

Including 12 Pairs Popular mink lashes and Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DC09-2 Pairs ,DC102-2 Pairs (16mm)

            DN03-2 Pairs ,DN14-2 Pairs (22mm)

          DL03-2 Pairs ,DL13-2 Pairs (25mm)

Only $70 Mix 16mm & 22mm Sample Pack 6

Including 10 Pairs Popular mink lashes and Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DC09-3 Pairs ,DC13-2 Pairs (16mm)

              DN02-3 Pairs ,DN16-2 Pairs (22mm)

Only $72.5 Mix 16mm & 25mm Sample Pack 7

Including 10 Pairs Popular mink lashes and Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DC13-3 Pairs ,DC102-2 Pairs (16mm)

         DL03-3 Pairs ,DL05-2 Pairs (25mm)

Only $77.5  Mix 25mm & 22mm Sample Pack 8

Including 10 Pairs Popular Mink Lashes and Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: DL03-3 Pairs ,DL05-2 Pairs (25mm)

                DN02-3 Pairs ,DN16-2 Pairs (22mm)



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