How To Start Your Lash Business line?

How To Start Your Lash Business line?

    An excellent Eyelash Vendor is the foundation of your successful eyelash business.Here are our sincere suggestions about how to negotiate successfully with the Lash Vendor and what professional questions to ask.Today Irard Lashes will help you step by step on What questions should I ask lash vendor?

1、Ask For Your Vendor’S Full Name And Location.

  •   This is very important. Most eyelash-producing areas are distributed in developing countries. The Top Lash Vendors must be in Qingdao, China

2、Ask For Your Vendor’S  Whether They’re Real Mink Eyelashes

  •   Fire can be used to distinguish between chemical fiber eyelashes and mink eyelashes. The smell of chemical fiber eyelashes is very bad when it burns and the smell of mink eyelashes is gone when it burns, indicating chemical fiber eyelashes, but mink eyelashes burn without smell.

3.Ask For Your Vendor’S Can You Eyelashes be Reused?

  • Chinese eyelashes can be used 25+ times, while the low-priced eyelash cannot be reused after being washed so its cost of each use is higher than that of the mink.

4.Ask Whether Your Vendor Has The Ability To Design And Produce The Box.

  • Many Eyelash Vendors in the market do not have design ability and R&D ability. A perfect box has its own design style and ideas.
  • We have an independent team of designers who will confirm every detail ranging from logo design, color selection, box design to production according to the customer’s demand.

Custom Eyelash Cases

5.Ask Whether Your Vendor Can He Give Us a Wholesale Price?

  •  The wholesale price is cheaper, so that we can make more profit.

6.How Long Is The Transportation Cycle?

  • There are two modes of transportation: air and sea.
  • The air transportation is expensive but high-efficiency, generally suitable for eyelashes below 2000 pairs. If you purchase a whole container of eyelashes, sea transportation is the best choice, low cost but long time.
  • Normal air transportation is 2-4 working days, while sea transportation takes about 30 days. A professional and skilled salesman will choose a reasonable freight quotation according to your order, referring to time and cost factors to arrange the best transportation scheme.
  • It should be mentioned here that be sure to choose your Eyelash Supplier to help you ship because they have a discount, which means that the price you pay to the supplier is much cheaper.

7.What If The Goods Are Damaged In Transit?

  •  If i can get refund if the goods are damaged in transit,this is very important.

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